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Solid State Logic 5000 custom rack build

1. Start A Build

One day we get a call from our known customer with question how about to rack some SSL 5000 modules for use in studio without big console…after discussion with customer we decided make SSL 5000 rack with 8 module spaces.

2. Finding modules around the world

Sourcing modules around the world was not easy job because modules are not cheap and when you find any SSL 5K modules on sale, when arrive, we must make whole service, recapp and alignment with calibration.


3. Service of modules

After sourcing all modules, every module was checked and repaired, all electrolytic caps are changed and modules are ready for calibration and alignment.

4. Module test & wiring

When we propertly make service on all modules (faults finding, electrolytic capacitors change, opamps change, now we can start build rack with new wiring and make test modules one by one in our test setup.

Now, we waiting for some more parts and this build will be soon finished for our customer.

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